• How does a rescheduled match work?

Matches start at 8:00 PM. Each player has a 30 minute window to make it to the match to begin playing. You must contact your opponent as well as the league operator beforehand if you know you are unable to make a match. You have up to two weeks to reschedule a match. After the two week window has passed and the match has not yet been played, this is an automatic forfeit unless pre-authorized by the league operator.

If no contact is made with both opponent and league operator, this is considered a No Call No Show. It will be up to the player who is present to determine if he/she is willing to consider this a rescheduled match. If so, the two week window still applies. If not, the present player may choose to pay for the match and the absent player will receive a NCNS Forfeit. All forfeited matches must still be paid in full. Otherwise, it will be considered an unpaid match and player may be suspended due to non payment.

  • How does a forfeit match get scored?

There are two types of forfeits.

    1. If matches are not rescheduled within the given time limit, forfeited matches will result in zero points for both players. There are no options to buy out points. It is both player’s responsibility to make up matches in a timely fashion. Feel free to schedule make-up matches on any day of the week. Please contact league operator with reschedule information to ensure proper scoring and standings upkeep.
    2. In the event of a No Call No Show Forfeit (aka NCNSF), the present player may choose to not consider this as a rescheduled match and simply choose to pay for the match instead. The present player will receive 7 points and the absent player will receive 0 points. Both players’ skill levels will not be affected.
  • How is a player’s level determined?

All players’ skill levels are determined using the FargoRate system. To learn more about it, please click here. For new players without a Fargo rating, the league operator will assign a starter rate. All ratings are maintained by Fargo.

  • How is the payout determined?

Payout is based on the money that is collected by each player every week. Money will be divided based on the ranking of each player at the end of the session. The lower a player is on the standings, the less they will receive. Please see the Standings and Payout pages in the Members Only portion of this website for more details.

  • How long is the session?

The schedule is based on every player playing everyone one time. For example, if there are 20 players on the roster, there would be 19 weeks of play. On the 20th week, we will conduct any required playoff matches and have our last chance tournament as well.

  • What if I have to quit the league before the end of the session?

In the event that someone cannot finish their session for any reason, we are sad to see you go but there will be no refunds for games played.