We hope this update finds everyone well and healthy!

It has been about a month since the closure of Slicks due to city ruling and what was originally a two week waiting period has now been stretched to last at least until the end of April. We understand that the health and safety of others are top priorities and fully support social distancing and the Stay Home, Work Safe order.

Luckily for us, as an in-house and a Singles league at that, our league schedule is extremely flexible. The schedule will currently hold where it is while we are waiting for everything to return back to normal. Once things return to regular operations, we will pick the schedule back up and resume normal play. This simply means the session has just been prolonged with everything else remaining the same, barring no changes once we resume play.

Feel free to keep in touch with us and your fellow league members using the text string or on our Facebook group page. Communication is healthy for all of us social individuals, and as always, we look forward to having any feedback, comments, or suggestions. If you are in need of anything we can help with, let us know and we’ll do what we can. Stay safe and stay sane! 🙂


All the scores have been entered and the rankings have been updated! The match logs will not be available until Monday when I get access to a scanner. 🙂 The standings have spread out a bit. We are now halfway through the session with week 9 this past Thursday and week 10 coming up.

Just as a heads up, we will be out of town next week Thursday (Week 10, 03/19/20). So once you are done with your match, please put them into the wooden dropbox and we will pick them up once we get back into town. We will have envelopes available for those who wish to pay cash; place both players’ dues and the scoresheet in the envelope, seal it, and drop it in the dropbox. If both players are utilizing digital pay, they can just drop in the scoresheet with or without the envelope. We will be back in town Friday, so expect updates to be ready either Friday evening or Saturday at the earliest.

Enjoy your weekend and see you all soon!


Short update this week. We hope everyone had a great Thursday! Rankings have been updated; match logs will be uploaded tomorrow afternoon. Unfortunately, we had two more players drop out of the league. Those who played Joshua D and Roswald H will now have a credit and any points converted to a BYE 2 and BYE 3 respectively. On a positive note, we no longer have any make-up matches! But keep in mind there have been matches played in advance.

If you have noticed, there has been a change in scoresheets for the past few weeks. The Fargo Rates and the Games to Win have been left blank. This is due to the Fargo ratings constantly changing. By the time Thursday comes around, the rating may have shifted, even if by a little bit. Going forward, players will fill out their own rating and determine the race to make sure everything is as accurate as possible at the time of play. Therefore, all the scoresheets for the remainder of the session will be available in the basket above the dropbox. You will just need to find the correct week and opponent you will be playing against whenever you choose to play.

See everyone next week and stay warm!


Happy Friday! Rankings have been updated and match logs uploaded to be viewed. There are still a few make-ups to be done, though on the flip side there have been matches that have been pre-played as well, so keep that in mind.

Unfortunately, one of our Thursday members is moving out of town and had to quit the league. For those who played Aameer S, your points have been converted to a BYE week and your payment has been applied as CREDIT for a future match. This makes it fair for everyone so no one receives any points for a member who is no longer playing future matches. With this change, the schedule has been updated to reflect a BYE week and the winnings breakdown has been adjusted to take into account 19 members.

Happy Valentine’s to all and have a great weekend! See you next Thursday!


Good evening everyone! The updates were a little later tonight due to picking up a scoresheet from last night. We wanted to make sure we had as close to an accurate update as we could.

The rankings have been updated and there is quite an even spread of points. This is with 5 make-ups and 1 pre-played. A few matches will be played out during this weekend, so keep that in mind when viewing where you stand at this time. Match logs will be uploaded and available tomorrow.

Just a friendly reminder to all players: Please be courteous to others and let your opponent know whether you’re running late or will not be able to show up. Thursday league is set up to be flexible so reschedules can and will happen. We just ask to keep an open line of communication so that all parties are aware. For those who have been letting your opponents and the league operator know of any rescheduling, we thank you!

Enjoy your weekend, and see you next Thursday!


All updates for matches played so far have been completed and match logs uploaded. Again, please keep in mind that rankings are currently based on make-up matches still not completed (3 at this time), as well as matches that have been pre-played (2 at this time).

Everyone should have a Fargo account at this time, have the app installed on the phone, and logged into the Fargo account. It’s a very useful tool, and as Fargo ratings are always updated based on games played throughout the week, your rating may shift at any given time. While the pre-printed scoresheets have your Fargo listed, it is always in your best interest to double check on your Fargo app to see if the rating has changed as the Fargo app is the most up-to-date.

It also has a quick summary page where you can see who you play in the next couple of weeks, so you can plan ahead without having to visit the website every time.

Example of Upcoming Matches

We have provided a Quick Guide to the Fargo Rate app HERE. If you have any issues getting set up, please let us know!

Enjoy your Super Bowl weekend!


Happy Friday everyone!

Scores have been updated and all match logs have been uploaded onto the website. Take a look at your current standings. Things have spread out pretty evenly, but keep in mind there are still 3 make-up matches that have not been played yet. We want to thank players who made up their matches from the first two weeks so quickly.

We also checked with FargoRate in regards to updating players’ ratings and robustness. It has been confirmed that our two weeks are in and updates should take place later today or tomorrow. So keep your eyes peeled for those numbers to start shifting.

We hope everyone is enjoying the setup of HBC so far and having a good time! We know we are. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend and see you next Thursday!


The second week of HBC went well! While we had one member leave, another on the wait list was added, so we are still at full roster. Let’s all welcome Gabe to the Thursday crew!

All scores have been updated and rankings are current as of Week 2. Keep in mind that your current standings might change due to rescheduled matches. So far, we have 3 matches that have been rescheduled. Please try to get them completed as soon as possible, especially now that FargoRate is utilized. By delaying any games, it will affect your FargoRate, which will affect your race. While we try to be as flexible as possible, we must stress the importance of completing your make-ups ASAP. Thank you for your understanding!

For those who wish to utilize digital pay, we have the following available:

  • VENMO: @houstonbilliardsclub (name Khen)
  • CASHAPP: $houstonbilliardsclub
  • ZELLE: admin@houstonbilliardsclub.com

Starting next week, your FargoRate should be updated along with your robustness. Since this is an independent cash league, it took approximately 2 weeks for our league to sync with FargoRate. Starting Week 3, matches from Thursday will be reflected in your rating and robustness going forward.

We hope everyone is enjoying the league format. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know! Enjoy the rest of your week!