This is a Cash Singles League for both 8 Ball and 9 Ball. Every player must play both formats.

  • Scheduled matches occur every Thursday starting at 8:00 PM. Rescheduled matches are allowed up to a two week extension. After the two week window, all games will be forfeited unless approved by league operator. Please see FAQ for forfeit rules in regards to points and payment info.
  • Each individual player competes in a round robin fashion once a week to gain points.
  • Cost per week per player is $15.00. Players on bye weeks do not need to pay. There is also a yearly membership fee of $15.00 that goes to FargoRate.
  • At the end of the session, the top 50% of players will receive a CASH payout.


  • If you must reschedule a match, your opponent must be notified a minimum of 2 hours in advance.
  • All “No Call No Show” matches will be forfeited after 30 minutes. It will be up to the opponent if a rematch is an option.
  • All members must stay in good standings with their weekly dues. Payouts are subject to change if any member is behind on due payments.
  • Players have ONE WEEK to pay any past dues through the course of the session. If any player is more than two weeks behind on payment, they will be suspended from play until all past due amounts are paid in full.
  • Players can be added up to the first three weeks of a session. After the third week, the roster is closed until the next session starts.
  • Any player that no longer wants to participate will NOT be issued a refund.
  • Any replacement player must play all previous opponents. Please see “Replacement Player” section for more details.

Game Rules

  • Standard BCA Rules apply for all matches. (If you are unfamiliar with these rules, please CLICK HERE)
  • Modified three foul rule applies for only 9 ball. In the event of a 3 foul occurrence, it will be a re-rack, not an automatic win.
  • Lower skill level player always breaks first. In event of an even match, players will either flip a coin or lag.
  • Alternate breaks
  • Each player will rack his/her own balls.
  • If you need someone to watch a shot, please ask anyone who is available. Any questionable shot that is not watched by a third party will be shooter’s call. So if it looks questionable, ask someone to watch the shot!
  • Each player is allowed one time out that can be taken with anyone who is available and willing to consult a shot.
  • Home Team will be the scorekeeper.
  • Both players must sign off on the scoresheet at the end of the match.
  • Winner of the match and points earned are based on the charts below.

Replacement Players

  • A new player who joins in during an active session can do so if there is an available spot within the first three weeks of a session.
  • New players will be required to make up all previous matches on the schedule by the end of the session.
  • Any match that has not been made up by the replacement player will be forfeited at the end of the session.
  • No replacement players allowed after Week 3.


In the event of a tie for any particular payout position, those players will have to play a playoff match to determine ranking and payout. These matches are free of charge and will be conducted the first week after the regular season. In the event of a 3 way tie, the two lowest handicapped players will play first and the winner of that match will play the higher level player. If all three players are of equal handicap, then there will be a three way lag to determine who goes first.

Last Chance Tournament (LCT)

Last Chance Tournament is designed for those players who have put in maximum effort and did not place in the money. This will include the bottom half of the members and will be a single elimination tournament for one cash prize.

  • Single elimination
  • Free entrance for those that qualify
  • Payout will be based on money from the current session pot.
  • More information will be provided on the day of the LCT

Race Chart

Lower skill level always breaks first.
In event of an even match, players will either flip a coin or lag.
FARGO RATE0 - 350351 - 450451 - 550551 - 650651+

Points Earned

Losing Player won at least
1 game, but not to Hill
Losing player made it to Hill (Hill / Hill Match)64
Example: Your FargoRate is 325. Your opponent Bob is rated at 515. The race is 3 / 5. This means you will only have to win 3 games to Bob’s 5 in order to be considered winner of the match. If you lost but won at least one rack, you receive 3 points and Bob receives 7. If you lost overall but won two racks, Bob will receive 6 points and you will receive 4.