We hope this update finds everyone well and healthy!

It has been about a month since the closure of Slicks due to city ruling and what was originally a two week waiting period has now been stretched to last at least until the end of April. We understand that the health and safety of others are top priorities and fully support social distancing and the Stay Home, Work Safe order.

Luckily for us, as an in-house and a Singles league at that, our league schedule is extremely flexible. The schedule will currently hold where it is while we are waiting for everything to return back to normal. Once things return to regular operations, we will pick the schedule back up and resume normal play. This simply means the session has just been prolonged with everything else remaining the same, barring no changes once we resume play.

Feel free to keep in touch with us and your fellow league members using the text string or on our Facebook group page. Communication is healthy for all of us social individuals, and as always, we look forward to having any feedback, comments, or suggestions. If you are in need of anything we can help with, let us know and we’ll do what we can. Stay safe and stay sane! 🙂

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