All the scores have been entered and the rankings have been updated! The match logs will not be available until Monday when I get access to a scanner. 🙂 The standings have spread out a bit. We are now halfway through the session with week 9 this past Thursday and week 10 coming up.

Just as a heads up, we will be out of town next week Thursday (Week 10, 03/19/20). So once you are done with your match, please put them into the wooden dropbox and we will pick them up once we get back into town. We will have envelopes available for those who wish to pay cash; place both players’ dues and the scoresheet in the envelope, seal it, and drop it in the dropbox. If both players are utilizing digital pay, they can just drop in the scoresheet with or without the envelope. We will be back in town Friday, so expect updates to be ready either Friday evening or Saturday at the earliest.

Enjoy your weekend and see you all soon!

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