Short update this week. We hope everyone had a great Thursday! Rankings have been updated; match logs will be uploaded tomorrow afternoon. Unfortunately, we had two more players drop out of the league. Those who played Joshua D and Roswald H will now have a credit and any points converted to a BYE 2 and BYE 3 respectively. On a positive note, we no longer have any make-up matches! But keep in mind there have been matches played in advance.

If you have noticed, there has been a change in scoresheets for the past few weeks. The Fargo Rates and the Games to Win have been left blank. This is due to the Fargo ratings constantly changing. By the time Thursday comes around, the rating may have shifted, even if by a little bit. Going forward, players will fill out their own rating and determine the race to make sure everything is as accurate as possible at the time of play. Therefore, all the scoresheets for the remainder of the session will be available in the basket above the dropbox. You will just need to find the correct week and opponent you will be playing against whenever you choose to play.

See everyone next week and stay warm!

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