Good evening everyone! The updates were a little later tonight due to picking up a scoresheet from last night. We wanted to make sure we had as close to an accurate update as we could.

The rankings have been updated and there is quite an even spread of points. This is with 5 make-ups and 1 pre-played. A few matches will be played out during this weekend, so keep that in mind when viewing where you stand at this time. Match logs will be uploaded and available tomorrow.

Just a friendly reminder to all players: Please be courteous to others and let your opponent know whether you’re running late or will not be able to show up. Thursday league is set up to be flexible so reschedules can and will happen. We just ask to keep an open line of communication so that all parties are aware. For those who have been letting your opponents and the league operator know of any rescheduling, we thank you!

Enjoy your weekend, and see you next Thursday!

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