All updates for matches played so far have been completed and match logs uploaded. Again, please keep in mind that rankings are currently based on make-up matches still not completed (3 at this time), as well as matches that have been pre-played (2 at this time).

Everyone should have a Fargo account at this time, have the app installed on the phone, and logged into the Fargo account. It’s a very useful tool, and as Fargo ratings are always updated based on games played throughout the week, your rating may shift at any given time. While the pre-printed scoresheets have your Fargo listed, it is always in your best interest to double check on your Fargo app to see if the rating has changed as the Fargo app is the most up-to-date.

It also has a quick summary page where you can see who you play in the next couple of weeks, so you can plan ahead without having to visit the website every time.

Example of Upcoming Matches

We have provided a Quick Guide to the Fargo Rate app HERE. If you have any issues getting set up, please let us know!

Enjoy your Super Bowl weekend!

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